Demo Update (1.0.2)

Hi there!

Thanks for checking out the demo. I've received a heap of really nice messages from people playing the game. Naturally, I also received a heap of messages with bug reports and other oddities. I've uploaded a fix to the Windows build just now (Mac build coming shortly). 

Also, as you may know, the game is on Kickstarter. It was 100% funded before I even posted this demo, so that got people asking questions regarding the future of the campaign. I addressed that in an update earlier today.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the demo. 

- Andy

If you are experiencing any problems with the demo, please check out this page →


  • fixed issue with not being able to input name when restarting the game.
  • sped up the battle menu timing.
  • crunched the numbers on the dodge mechanic (things should be more obvious now).
  • fixed issue where you couldn't lose bug minigame (not really an issue but we gotta be consistent here).
  • fixed softlock problem on credits screen.
  • nerfed first boss (turns out this was a very silly problem that I overlooked when uploading the new build. Oops!)
  • that being said, some people like the challenge, so if it's too easy... maybe consider ditching your weapons.
  • fixed a few other minor issues and added some tiny interactions.


Windows Demo 81 MB
Apr 23, 2018

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